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We are back!

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The Power of Energy

These past weeks we have been investigating what energy is and the different types of energies both individually and also in groups. We have learnt what renawable sources and non renawable sources of energy are and most of all how important it is to save energy. Here´s some of our work! Stay tunned! This site is still in construction as we will be updating new info.

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During the last few weeks, we have been working with poems. As a Final Project, all the students in Junior 4 had to write their own poem in a book we created to keep all the poems together. They did an AMAZING job!!! So we wanted to share them with you. Below, you will find the link to the Book. Once you have decided which poems you like best (each parent and each student will be able to vote for 2 poems), you will enter the form below and vote for the 2 poems that you have chosen, We hope you enjoy them!!!

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My favourite animal

On April 29th, we celebrated Animal´s Day in Argentina. Using Chatterpix, each student had to choose their favourite animal, describe it, say why they like it and what they would like to do with it. Here are the amazing Chatterpix they created! Hope you enjoy them!!

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Thinking routine: COLOUR-SYMBOL-IMAGE

Before starting to work with the unit on why people write poems, Junior 4 was introduced to the topic and after watching a video, looking at a picture and reading a poem, they completed the thinking routine. Here we share some of them:

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Classwork- Thursday, April 16th

Hi kids!

Today you are going to work first with the post on Earth Day.

Then, watch the video that I´ve uploaded where I give an explanation of the WH Words. It is very important that you know what each wh word means in order to be able to ask the correct question.

Click here to go to this page.

Complete the exercises and check the answers by clicking at the bottom where it says DONE.

That´s all for today.

See you tomorrow!

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Listen to your heart: Earth Day

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Classwork- Wednesday, April 15th

Hi kids!

Last week you read “The Red Rubber Ball” that told the story of different children playing games around the world. Today, we are going to continue working with Games.

First, you are going to do a Listening Comprehension in your Oxford Discover, page 22. You are going to listen to some children talking about their favourite board games. Do exercises A and B. First, listen to the recording and do exercise A and then listen to it again and do exercise B. Then send me a picture of the exercise.

To do the following exercise listen to this vocaroo:

Remember, to answer the last question: HOW DO YOU PLAY IT?, record a video where you appear with the board game and you explain the rules or you can also use ChatterPix where you can use a picture of the game board explaining its rules.

If you have any doubts, ask me via Handing!

See you!


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