Classwork – April 29 – May 2

Junior 3



Monday 29

  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a Change!

We read  “Tell me a story Grandpa” (Oxford Discover pages 58 and 59), and through collaborative work we created a play on the story. We finally watched all the groups’ plays.


Tuesday 30

  • Phonics: Phonics bug. No lunch! Sound ch, and revision of previous sounds (sh, -ng, ks, th).  We spotted the sounds, and added the words to the word bank. Then, we had a dictation.

/ch/ chips, lunch

/u/ lunch

/th/ with, them

/ng/ Pong, rings

/ks/ boxes

Tricky word: she



  • Past Simple regular verbs. We revised orally and did some written work.

Written reinforcement (first Oxford Discover)


Thursday 2

  • It was Oli LB’s Special Day!!
  • We revised PAST SIMPLE and did some written work.
  • We worked on Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns.
  • Reading Time – Bug Club


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