Classwork – May 6-8



Monday 6

  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a Change!

Interviewing an adult on travel, information, clothing and communication when he/ she was a child: We made the questions and then asked the principals and school staff  about when they were young. We finally made a clean copy of the interview.


Tuesday 7

  • We revised Present Continuous and Past Simple (regular verbs) and did a written exercise.
  • We did a Reading Comprehension activity.
  • We practised reading in the Bug Club.
  • Homework – Lending Library



Wednesday 8

  • We worked on Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns.
  • Phonics: Phonics bug. Eek! a bug! Sounds ear, air, ure, er and revision of previous sounds. We spotted the sounds in the story and added them to the word bank.

Long /ee/ asleep

/h/ hamster

/er/ hamster – after – flower – hurt

/ng/ jumping – long

/air/ chair – stairs – hair

/eer/ear/ near – fear

/or/ horn, chalk

/oa/ goat

/ai/ tail, afraid




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