Classwork – May 12-15

Junior 3



Monday 13

  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a Change!

We did a timeline on Communication.

  • We worked on Possessives Adjectives and Pronouns.


Tuesday 14

  • Phonics: Phonics bug. Star of the air. Sounds ar, or (all), ear, air, ure, er and revision of previous sounds. We read the story and spotted the sounds in the story. We wrote the words in the word bank. Then, we retold the story. Finally, we had a dictation.

/ar/ star, Marvin, dart, target, starts

/air/ air, fair

/eer/ near

/h/ help

/er/ Robert, robber, silver

/oi/ coins

/igh/ tight

/oor/ sure

/ng/ ring

Tricky words: of, off

  • We worked on Past Simple and Present Continuous.


Wednesday 15

  • We worked on Past Simple (regular verbs) and Present Continuous.
  • Then, we worked on Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns
  • Homework for Thursday 23: Quiz Present Continuous vs. Past Simple (regular verbs).


Thursday 16

  • It was Salvi’s Special Day!
  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a Change!

We started making a video on how people got the news in the past and how we get the news today.



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