Classwork – May 20-23

Junior 3



Monday 20

  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a Change!. We finished the video
  • We revised Present Continuous vs. Past Simple.
  • We started working on Oxford Discover Unit 8 (page 76)


Tuesday 21

  • Lending Library – We showed our Pompom Pets to the class.
  • Phonics: Phonics bug. Panther and Frog. Revision of previous sounds. We read the story. We spotted the sounds in the story and wrote the words on the word bank. Then, we had a dictation. We retold the story.

/th/ panther, thunder

/th/ this, that, than

/er/ panther, bigger, stronger, perhaps, thunder, hunter, river

/ou/ growl, now

/u/ run, but, hunter, just

/eer/ fear

/oa/ croak

/igh/ high, higher, fight

/k+w/ quicker

/oor/ lures

/w/ will, wetter

Tricky words:  no, are, too, was, of


Wednesday 22

  • We revised PAST SIMPLE vs. Present Continuous.
  • Comprehension Project. Wow! What a change! We made poster to describe the changes in travel through history.
  • Reading Time.


Thursday 23

  • It was Paqui’s Special Day!
  • We had a Quiz on Present Continuous vs. Past Simple (regular verbs).
  • Oxford Discover pages 76-80. We worked on the parts of a story.
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