Classwork – June 10-13

Junior 3

Monday 10
● We corrected the mistakes made in the Speech Bubble completed last Thursday.
● Oxford Discover: Big Question 9. How do we make art? We used the technique “I used to Think… Now I think”. We answered the question; then, we watched a video and answered the question again.
● Oxford Discover page 168. We worked on vocabulary (shapes and art). We also played some online games.
● We completed the Tweet of the Day.

Tuesday 11
• Phonics: Phonics bug. Butterfly Pie. /igh/ and revision of sounds. We spotted the sounds in the story and wrote them in the word bank. Then, we retold the story and had a dictation.
/igh/ like, time, shine, hide, bite, dive, slide, bee-hive, inside, alive, wise, butterfly, by, Python, sly, fly, behind, tiny, find, pie, cried, butterflies, tried
We worked on Past Simple.

Wednesday 12
● Shapes and Art. We looked at a piece of art and did the thinking routine “See – Think – Feel”.
● We worked on vocabulary on the Oxford Discover (page 176)
● We read a text on pages 178-179 and using the folio rotatorio technique we answered “What origami shapes does Maki create?”
● Next we completed the comprehension exercise on page 180
● We completed the Tweet of the Day

Thursday 13
● It was Luli’s Special Day!
● We worked on Past Simple and Subject and Object Pronouns

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