Classwork – June 18-19

Junior 3

Tuesday 18
• We revised Present Continuous and Past Simple orally and then did a written exercise on Past Simple.
• Phonics: Phonics bug. THE QUEEN’S PLAN. Sounds OA, AI, EE, IGH, OO (LONG), OO (SHORT). We spotted sounds in the story and wrote the words in the word bank. Then, using the write around technique we wrote word with /ee/, long /oo/, short /oo/, /ai/. We retold the story together.
/ee/ queen, agree
/k+w/ queen
/ng/ thing, king
Short /oo/ cook, look
Long /oo/ soon, tools, rooms
/ai/ paint, nail
• We completed the Tweet of the day.
Wednesday 19
● We completed a Speech Bubble using the Present Continuous and the Past Simple.
● We made some Origami dogs.
● We worked on Subject and Object Pronouns using the pencils in the middle technique.
● We completed the Tweet of the day.

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