Classwork – June 24-27

Junior 3

Monday 24
• Shapes in art. We played some online games and sang songs to revise shapes and vocabulary related to art
• Collaborative work. Using the Write Around technique students wrote the number of stars, crescents, spirals and ovals they found in a picture. Then, the representatives of the groups discussed the answers.
• After that, students completed the other exercises.
• We did some group evaluation
• We completed the Tweet of the Day

Tuesday 25
• Oxford Discover. We looked at the picture at pages 168 and 169 and did the thinking routine “See, Think and Wonder”. Next, using collaborative work we read the text on pages 170 and 171, and using the Write Around technique completed all the shapes appearing in the text. We shared the answers with the other groups and did our group work evaluation.
• Finally, the children created some Art Work using collage including all the shapes mentioned in the text. The Art Work was an Instagram post.

Thursday 27
● It was Delfi’s Special Day!
● We worked on Past Simple and Subject and Object Pronouns using the Pencils in the Middle Technique.
● We wrote the Tweet of the Day.

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