Classwork – August 26-29

Junior 3

Monday 26
• Big Question 6 (units 11 and 12) HOW SHOULD WE TAKE CARE OF EARTH?
We listened to sounds of nature and talked about what we thought they were, where they came from and how they made us feel
Next, we watched a video and talked about it. After that, we played some online games about related vocabulary (Oxford Discover pages 106 -108)
• We went over the corrections of the Starters Mock Test.

Tuesday 27
• Comprehension Project. Animals, amazing helpers!
After watching a video and talking about it, we made a collage to express what we saw in the video.
Wednesday 28
• It was Fran’s Special Day!
• Phonics – Phonics Bug – At the Toy Shop. Sounds /ow/ /oi/. Wel read the story, identified the sounds, and wrote the words on the word bank. Then, we retold the story and had a dictation.
/ou/ around, pound, sound, found, loud, outfit, trousers, count, counter, hound, town, cowboy, brown, now
/oi/ toy, boys, enjoy, destroy
• We revised The Time.

Thursday 29

● We did a Reading Comprehension activity.
● We played some online games to revise The Time and then did a written assignment.
● We practised reading.

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