Classwork – September 2-5

Junior 3

Monday 2
• It was Alvi’s Special Day!
• Phonics – Phonics Bug – Dave’s Big Day. Sound /ai/. We read the story, identified the sounds, wrote the words on the word bank. Then, we retold the story. We had a team sound competition, and we finally had a dictation.
/ai/ eight, weighs, today, Sunday, May, day, railway, display, play, say, crayons, way, Dave, mate, wakes, plane, skates, cake, makes, bakes, scales, games, plates, grapes, milkshakes, shape, hey, they, railway, train, raisins

Tuesday 3
• Comprehension Project. Animals, amazing helpers!
We worked on vocabulary and played some games. Then, we wrote different animal body parts using the write around technique.
Next, we did an assignment on body coverings.

Wednesday 4
• We completed a Starters Mock Test.
• We worked on The Time ( five past, ten past, twenty past, twenty five past) orally.

Thursday 5
● It was Simon’s Special Day!
● We completed a Reading Comprehension assignment.
● We worked on the Time orally. Then, we played an online game, and we finally worked in groups.

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