Classwork – September 9-12

Junior 3

Monday 9
We went over the corrections of Starters Mock Test 3.
Through collaborative work, we read the text on pages 110 and 111 of the Oxford Discover about Natural Resources. Then, we made mind maps about it and made an exhibition of them. The different groups went around the mind maps, checking their similarities and differences.

Tuesday 10
Comprehension Project. Animals, amazing helpers!
We read “Amazing Animals “ (Oxford Discover 2 pages 10 and 11) in groups and then completed charts on the different animal groups.

Thursday 12
It was Vito’s Special Day!
We went over vocabulary on Unit 12 of the Oxford Discover.
Next, through collaborative work students created a Symbol Message about how we should take care of earth.
A Juice Carton’s Diary. Through collaborative work, the children read the story. After that, each group wrotee one day of the dairy using the Write Around technique (one sentence each).


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