Classwork – October 7-10

Junior 3
Monday 7
• We went over the corrections of the Starters Mock Test.
• Phonics. Phonics Bug. “Sid and the Scarecrow Dare”. Sounds. /ear/ /air/. We read the story and spotted the sounds. Then, we wrote the words on the word bank, and retold l the story.
/air/ pair, scarecrow, dare, stared, beware, careful, glare, scared, careless, wear, tear
/eer/ jeer, peer, cheerfully, near
After that, using the pencils in the middle technique, we wrote 3 sentences using the /air/ sound and 3 using the /eer/ sound.
• We practiced for the Concert.

Tuesday 8
• Comprehension Project. Animals, amazing helpers!
We worked on taking a part of the whole (critical thinking skill).
Then, we read a text “Animals to the Rescue” and made a poster to show how animals can help people. We finally completed a Land or Water chart.

Wednesday 9
• We recorded the Concert Song.
• We worked on Tenses and on The Time

Thursday 10
● It was Angie’s Special Day!!
● We completed a Starters Mock Test.
● We played some online games to practise the time.

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