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We are back!

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The Power of Energy

These past weeks we have been investigating what energy is and the different types of energies both individually and also in groups. We have learnt what renawable sources and non renawable sources of energy are and most of all how … Continue reading

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An Easter present for you

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A Matter of attitude

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It´s gym time!

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Long Ago Fashion Show

As a part of our comprehension project we wore clothes of long ago and compared them to the ones we wear now. Wow… what a change!

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Take control!

This week we watched a short film on ANGER. This is one of many feelings. It is ok to sometimes feel angry but we always need to be in control and push the right buttons so as to be our … Continue reading

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Concert 2018 – Art´s a Blast

Here’s the video on the art movement you represented and some of its most important artists. You rocked!

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We are rock stars!

Last week we recorded the song we will be dancing the day of the Concert! It was a lot of fun and you sang beautifully children. Amazing work! Can´t wait to see you on the stage!!!!

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